Burley Id Recent Bookings (2024)

1. Recent Bookings - Cassia County, Idaho

  • Recent Bookings ; 2024/06/10 14:16. TURNER, HARLEY Sex: M Race: U Age: 31, /20-222 ~ PROBATION VIOLATION -MISD CR34-22-03392/20-222 ~ PROBATION VIOLATION -FEL.


2. Jail Roster - Cassia County, Idaho

  • Jail Roster. PHOTO, NAME, BOOKED DATE/TIME, DAYS IN JAIL, INMATE TYPE ... 1459 Overland Ave - Burley ID 83318. County Judicial Center. 1559 Overland Ave ...

3. Bookings, Arrests and Mugshots in Cassia County, Idaho

  • View and Search Recent Bookings and See Mugshots in Cassia County, Idaho ... Cassia County is included in the Burley, ID Micropolitan Statistical Area.

  • View and Search Recent Bookings and See Mugshots in Cassia County, Idaho. The site is constantly being updated throughout the day!

4. Recent Arrests | Blaine County, ID

5. [PDF] Burley idaho recent bookings - Webflow

  • Burley idaho recent bookings. Mini-Cassia County Jail Inmate Search and Jail Roster How do you find someone who is in jail in Cassia County? To search for ...

6. Jail Roster

  • Jail Roster. Offender Watch · Idaho VINE · Current Arrests. The following individuals are currently housed in the Canyon County Jail or Canyon County Work ...

  • The following individuals are currently housed in the Canyon County Jail or Canyon County Work Release Center. Please note the list of charges may not reflect the actual charges filed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office against the individual. For the current status of an inmate, please call (208) 454-7541. This list may include adults with juvenile offenses, juveniles with adult charges, individuals held on civil contempt cases and participants in programs outside the confines of the Canyon County Jail. Programs include Sheriff's Inmate Labor Detail, Pretrial Release and Intensive Community Supervision (ICS).

7. Detention Roster | Blaine County, ID

8. Current Inmate List – Official Idaho County Site

  • Current Inmate List · Adams, Brett – Serving Time · Johnson Robert – Possession of Controlled Substances x3 – Possession of Paraphernalia – Bond: 20,000.00.

  • Serving Time

9. Cassia County Jail Roster Lookup, ID, Inmate Search

  • Inmate's Full Name, Booking Number Cassia County Jail 1459 Overland Ave, Burley, ID 83318 ... Recent jail bookings are typically available through the ...

  • Use this website for informational purposes only.

10. Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center | Minidoka County, ID

  • Burley, ID 83318. 1415 Albion Avenue Burley ID 83318. Directions. Phone: 208-878-1000. Emergency Phone: 911. Directory · Civil Services · Crime Stoppers ...

  • The Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center is mandated by State Law to take charge of and keep in the county jail, and to take before the nearest Magistrate, those adult individuals who are charged with or convicted of a public offense.

11. Bannock County Jail Roster

  • ... ID w/o wrnt MAG CV03-23-315 [No code entered] Lewd Conduct With a Minor 22 ... Arrest Agency: Bannock County Sheriffs Office Arrest Location: BURLEY DR.

12. Cassia County, ID Arrest Records Search – PublicOffices.org

  • The website provides access to current and recent arrests, arrest inquiries, warrants, reports, logs, and mugshots. ... Burley Police Department: 1353 Oakley Ave, ...

  • Lookup Cassia, County ID Arrest Records for free through official agencies. Unlock access to Cassia County ID Arrest Records with PublicOffices.org.

13. [PDF] Martin County Jail Roster Report - In Custody - Revize

  • Current as of: 07/09/2024. 6:00:01PM. Martin County Jail Roster Report. 07/08/2024. 6:32 pm at. Date and Time of Booking: Arellano, Oscar Ramiro. 1. 49. Age ...

Burley Id Recent Bookings (2024)
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